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Kabardock 9.December 2022

Dernière mise à jour : 16 déc. 2022

Opening for friends of LOMOR at the famous Kabardock café was a really cool experience! Here,some pics for apreciate the moment.

Welcome friends of fifth flat ! Yes, The Hill Is Burning was alive! 9 Decembre , 20h30, the thing was awke for 45 minutes of an energic gig! Double bassdrum, heavy guitars with Mesa/boogie an EVH 5153, monstrous bass tone with darkglass stuff,that's huge tone coming frome that metal band from Reunion Island!

“The Hill is Burning become more agressive on stage,this is a young band,with an enorm potential for future!”

The Intro of the band is a famous series with dead walk all the time ! The impact when the start the first song,"Become" I guess is really huge. The lyrics of the band turn around Georges A. Romero and stephen king universe, and the lethargic live we got now! The actual society,was not the world or THIB, and you can see that in live condition, anger is here.

The perferct format!

Saw a metal in live condition is sometimes disapointed, enormous stage gave strange tone to metal band, but in this type of stage,we got perfect condition for hearing the band! (#kabardock #Zeshop #centreartsetmusiqueouest) The light was great, no more volume,and not over people, great!

The band is young,energic,and need to plays in live condition for being solid,but this potential for a local band is huge! when this is playing next your home, don't hesitate, go to see them! "keep eyes open!"

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